Awareness is the Key!

Life Giving Principle #3: Awareness is the Key!

Recently while attending the Heart of Meditation Retreat on the magical Hawaiian island of Molokai with my teacher Flint Sparks, I was reminded of one of my favorite phrases he uses called G.A.P. This phrase stands for Grounded-Aware-Present. It introduces the important and simple practice of noticing, recognizing. Noticing your body, inside and out, and the sensations that are here (Grounded). Being awake (Aware) enough to recognize that you have a choice--you can choose what to pay attention to (Presence).

“Mind the GAP!” is a phrase you can hear echoing through the halls of the Waterloo train station in London to remind rail passengers to take caution while crossing the spatial gap between the train door and the station platform. It is also, in our case, an interdependent mindfulness practice reminding us to pause and notice the spacial gap between our thoughts and our actions.

This practice is interdependent because we cannot be aware without being grounded. We cannot be present without the awareness that we can choose what to give our attention to at any given moment. If you notice, Awareness is right in the middle connecting groundedness and presence. Awareness is the gap. Awareness IS the key!

Body. Emotions. Awareness. Possibilities! = B.E.A.P!

As if by magic, in relation to all of this, a clever phrase came to me while I was working with one of my clients the other day. I shared it with her and she found it very helpful. The phrase is B.E.A.P. It encompass and reviews all that we have been discussing in the last few blog posts on Life Giving Principles & Practices.