Begin Again

Access The Energy of Spring Equinox To Make A Turn

TODAY IS THE PERFECT DAY.... shake loose the dormancy of a long winter and an even longer pandemic, the chaos of global crisis, and the heaviness of what doesn't serve us: the worn out thoughts, the antiquated beliefs, the regrets, the self judgement. Release those conversations in our heads that drain energy and settle in our bodies when we are not looking.

Shake it loose.

Shake it free!

And then, toward what gives you energy, innate life force energy!

How does one do this in a mindful and authentic way? How (and why) do we reach deeply for these resources during a global crisis?


It is possible that we are responsible to reach for our own joy, kindness, and source energy, and allow it to emerge, ESPECIALLY during a crisis

But first, we must move the congestion that hinders the flow of joy through our bodies.

Here's how:

1) Move your body: dance, jump, jiggle, wiggle, whoop, holler, sing

2) Notice the sensations of your body. If your body could speak what would it say?

3) Feel the Feels - all of them. What emotions are present? Where they live in your body?

4) Turn to nature to show the way

Move! Stand up now. Jiggle your knees. Flail your arms. Say "Whooop!" Turn on some music. Continue for two minutes....or more....