New Year, New Possibilities!

Have you ever noticed that sometimes there are things that have worked for you for a LONG time that, suddenly, do not work anymore?

These things may work so well, and be so efficient that we do not even notice what they are actually doing for us. How they are unconditionally making our lives easier in some way, giving us relief. They have just always been there, like a good friend, or a comfy old shoe. We don’t notice the comfort that this thing brings to us, until it is gone. And then, one day, done! Just like that. Out of the blue it no longer works.

Surely you have experienced this with your phone or your computer (of course, when you are away from home), your air conditioner (when it’s the hottest week of the year), or your washing machine. It may even be your body that is no longer working for you like it once did.

The Washing Machine

Just before the holidays, our trusted, steadfast, unwavering, dependable washing machine kicked the bucket. This washing machine had been around for a LONG time and worked everyday, like a charm.

Now, we had noticed some things, funny noises, clicks, clacks and loud whirring, maybe clothes not rinsing as well, having to run the machine twice. We just got used to it; and, the trusty steed of a machine just kept going. And then, it didn’t. Just like that. And so, for the holidays, “Santa” brought us a new washing machine. We didn’t even know what we were missing! This machine uses less water, holds twice as many items, and purrs like a quiet little kitten….you can even watch the clothes being washed for you through the window in the lid! What a welcome and refreshing gift.

The Lesson

Our old machine literally kicking the bucket gave us the opportunity to experience something new, something that works better for us and brings us new perspective on the efficient use of our resources.