Have you ever noticed that sometimes there are things that have worked for you for a LONG time that, suddenly, do not work anymore?

These things may work so well, and be so efficient that we do not even notice what they are actually doing for us.  How they are unconditi...

Hello Be Well Austin community!  

Welcome to the new school year!  As they say, A new year, a new you!  Yes, the beginning of the school year is a time for new beginnings and a great time to begin something new!  Even if you do not have kids, as we push the collective r...

Life Giving Principle #3: Awareness is the Key!

Recently while attending the Heart of Meditation Retreat on the magical Hawaiian island of Molokai with my teacher Flint Sparks, I was reminded of one of my favorite phrases he uses called G.A.P.  This phrase stands for Gr...

Kristi’s Life Giving Principle #2

Feeling Is Healing : If You Can Feel It, You Can Heal It

Feeling is Healing Exercise: Embodied Presence

Recall a time in your life when you felt immense joy, sadness, or anger.

Pause a moment: Take a breath and tune in to your body.

Where d...

Life Giving Principle #1: Body Wisdom: Your Body is a Self-Correcting Mechanism

I enrolled in my first Myofascial Release seminar with John F. Barnes in 1997, one year out of Physical Therapy school. By chance, I had observed Myofascial Release in action when I was...

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2019: New Year, New Possibilities!

January 11, 2019

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