Life Giving Principle #1: Body Wisdom

Life Giving Principle #1: Body Wisdom: Your Body is a Self-Correcting Mechanism

I enrolled in my first Myofascial Release seminar with John F. Barnes in 1997, one year out of Physical Therapy school. By chance, I had observed Myofascial Release in action when I was just starting my first job as a staff PT, and was immediately taken by its results. I knew I had to learn more! Little did I know that doing so would change my health, my life, and the way I practice PT and bodywork to this day. Not only did this first experience dramatically reduce my chronic low back pain of 5+ years, it totally changed my perspective on the infinite self-healing capacity of the human body.

Along my own path of personal growth and healing, I can recall a handful of experiences that opened my eyes to totally new ways of thinking and being. Over the course of 21 years of MFR practice, I have developed what I call “Life Giving Principles” (LGP’s) that I use in both my MFR Practice and my Personal Development Coaching practice and that I teach in seminars across the US. The main purpose of these Principles is to reinforce the awareness of our body-mind’s self-restorative capacity.

These principles continue to positively impact my life on every level, and instill in me a burning desire to share them with you, and with the world.

Below I will discuss the First Life Giving Principle- LGP #1 and how it can support you in your authentic healing process. In later posts I will discuss Principles 2-5.

Body Wisdom Principle #1

Your body has inner wisdom and is a self-correcting system.

Every moment of every day, your body does everything in its power to keep you healthy and upright against gravity. Take a moment to appreciate that.

The following will further illustrate the body’s innate power and wisdom to correct itself: