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"I had heard of myofascial release because my son was rolfed in an attempt to slow or halt the progression of scoliosis that eventually led to surgery. That was a very vigourous form of myofascial release, I'm glad Kristi's method is ever so much more gentle."


"I had been struggling with debilitating neck and shoulder pain for more than a year. Struggling so much I was giving up things that I really loved doing - gardening, cooking (holding my head down for food prep or dish washing was excruciating.) I had tried physical therapy, acupuncture, cupping and cortizone injections. Each of those would give very short term relief, 1 to 3 days. The pain management doctor said the next thing they could try would be ablation of the nerves. Angela, the physician's assistant suggested ONE MORE OPTION to try before scheduling the ablation procedure. She gave me one of Kristi's cards, saying she had known wondrous things to happen when she referred patients to Kristi.


I have met with Kristi 6 times for mfr treatments. After each treatment, it seemed that there was less pain in my neck and shoulder, even when she never touched those body parts. After about 4 sessions, I could feel a systemic change; I would still get stiff and sore from some activity but was recovering much sooner. Also, the near constant education coming my way was becoming ingrained and I could remind or coach myself in "letting go" and softening. Another thing Kristi did was to take pictures of me from the back and send them to me. The difference was astonishing and very powerful reinforcement.


"Even as I'm standing at my kitchen sink washing dishes, I can see my reflection in the window in front of me; it reminds me of the pictures and what it feels like to be loose and soft, shoulders almost level. And I can easily find/feel my center."

Vickie V.





"I had no idea what myofascial release was, but I was willing to try anything that was not invasive!


After my first session with Kristi, I was hooked!!  It is a top priority for me.   Her magic touch and know how have kept my body together and in working order.  I am able to walk and work out regularly. Thanks to Kristi when I travel I can climb all the steps, walk all the city steets, hike up all the hills and enjoy a pain free time!!!


I frequently recommend Kristi to my friends.  Several of whom enjoy their sessions with her as much as I do.


My time spent on Krisit’s table is more than just myofascial release.  It is a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual experience!  It is a fun therapy session.


I have become much more aware of my body and how it feels.  I plan to continue my weekly sessions with Kristi as long as I can.  Myofascial release is my weekly gift to myself.  I am worth it!!  Kristi is THE BEST!!!!"



Mary Nell

I hadn’t realized it, but I had been parenting from  a place of fear.  “I have to make it better for my kids…”  The Integrated Coaching work Kristi and I did helped me move past that.  By letting go of past fear, pain, etc, I was able to move from a place of fear to a place of love.  Now I can live in the moment and simply love my children without the fear of “making it better.”  I can love without the weight of the past.  And I can live with the added strength of being connected with my subconscious - to allow it to guide me.


Myofascial Release is so much more than massage.  It is a emotional, physical, and spiritual  experience.  Working with Kristi I have learned to let all the emotions of life move through me rather than get stuck in my body and cause pain or sickness.  I had done “conventional” therapy before working with Kristi.  I found that I said the same thing over and over, but wasn’t moving past those things.  MFR has helped me move past and through to so much more than I ever imagined was possible.


I hope this starts to capture the love and gratitude I have for your guidance and friendship all these years Kristi.  I am so very grateful to have you in my life!


I came to my appointment at Be Well Austin over 9 months ago,  my body was hurting all over.  I am amazed at the difference these treatments have made, my body feels10 years younger. 

It has been a wonderful journey learning to heal my mind body and spirit. It is has been the beneficial choice I have made in my personal health care. 


It feels wonderful.



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