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Upcoming Events

  • Release On the Red Rocks (RORR!) Sedona: April 25-28, 2024
    Release On the Red Rocks (RORR!) Sedona: April 25-28, 2024
    Thu, Apr 25
    Apr 25, 2024, 3:00 PM – Apr 28, 2024, 3:00 PM
    Sedona, Sedona, AZ 86336, USA
    Travel to magical Sedona and connect more deeply with your innate wisdom & compassionate self. Release what keeps you from living your true potential with personalized Myofascial Release treatments, one-on-one guidance sessions, and transformative group experiences on the Red Rocks!



relieve your Pain from the inside out....for good!

It is my belief that everything is connected - that we cannot separate the physical (i.e. pain) from the mental, emotional, or spiritual aspects of our being. I believe that the body is a wholistic self-correcting system and contains all of the information needed to heal itself.  I believe that the root of physical pain might not only be physical itself, but has origins in our belief systems and values held deep within and that accessing these systems together is the key to vibrant health!


It is my innermost desire to facilitate the process of healing via self-discovery and self-awareness with you, so that you can discover and release self-limiting behaviors & beliefs, and unconscious holding patterns in the body that cause pain and create suffering, holding you back from being your best feeling self.  Through my integration of the the John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach, Integrated Life Coaching, Self Care & Mindfulness based practices, we embark on this inner-journey together.  As Victor Frankl says, "If you don't go within, you simply go without." 


I am a Myofascial Release specialist and Physical Therapy practitioner of over 23 years, as well as a yoga instructor, and certified Life Coach.  I am the Founder and Co-Creative Director of Be Well Austin Center & Yoga House in Austin, Texas.  I began my training in 1997 with John F. Barnes, PT, and have taught nationally, presenting the John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach to physicians and therapists around the country.  


"Working with Kristi I have learned to let all the emotions of life move through me instead of getting stuck in my body...I was able to move from a place of fear to a place of Love."


- Kathy A.

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"After my first session with Kristi, I was hooked!!  Her magic touch and know-how have kept my body in working order."

          -Mary F.

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